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Neuro RehabCare of Waterloo

Welcome to Neuro RehabCare of Waterloo, where we are focused on providing an atmosphere of luxury while residents are healing from neurological injury. Neuro RehabCare of Waterloo is specifically designed to address the complex needs of the brain and spinal cord injured individual in a custom, comfortable and residential facility.

Residents are provided with a warm and inviting setting intended to support the recovery process. There are several bright and cheerful common areas, an up-to-date therapy /activity room with state-of-the-art equipment, and all private patient suites include private bathrooms for convenience and privacy.

At NRC of  Iowa, our team of experts work to help our residents maximize their skills, independence, and quality of life. Our outcome-driven rehabilitation and support services are designed to address their health, vocational, educational, and physical needs. We are passionate about helping each person reach their maximum level of independence and producing real and lasting results.

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Brain & Spinal Injury Rehabilitation in Waterloo, Iowa



Counseling for Traumatic Brain Injuries

We provide tailored therapy and counseling to empower patients in managing and improving TBI symptoms. Our dedicated specialists help identify life obstacles and create strategies for overcoming them.

Our services include individual counseling, offering a safe space for discussing thoughts and emotions related to TBI. Group counseling provides a supportive peer community for shared experiences. Family counseling is also available to guide families in better supporting each other during recovery. At Neuro RehabCare, we believe in the synergy of personalized therapy, group support, and family involvement for comprehensive rehabilitation.

Support Groups

Support groups are an important part of the recovery journey from a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Support groups provide a space where you can connect with others who are going through similar experiences and truly understand what you're facing. By meeting regularly, support groups offer not only emotional support but also practical guidance for those on the long road of TBI recovery.

Workman's Comp Injuries

We're here to assist people in getting back on track after a work-related injury. Our skilled team of experts focuses on helping the brain heal, using advanced treatments and custom plans to improve recovery.


Here at Neuro RehabCare, we know how tough it can be for those dealing with work injuries. We're dedicated to giving complete care and support during the healing journey. With top-notch facilities and a caring attitude, we help our patients beat physical challenges, get their abilities back, and feel confident going back to work and daily life.

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