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Neuro RehabCare in Scottsdale

Neuro RehabCare in Scottsdale is nestled in a quiet, North Scottsdale neighborhood. This custom 7,300 square-foot home has 10 bedrooms and was built with the care and comfort of each resident in mind. Each bedroom has its’ own private bathroom and walk-in closet. The many amenities of this rehabilitation home include a full therapy gym, an outdoor walking path, and spacious hallways and rooms in which to rehabilitate. The floorplan of this home allows for a quiet environment for each resident which is ideal for rehabilitation.


At NRC of  Arizona, our team of experts work to help our residents maximize their skills, independence and quality of life. Our outcome-driven rehabilitation and support services are designed to address their health, vocational, educational and physical needs. We are passionate about helping each person reach their maximum level of independence and producing real and lasting results.

Program Director Evgenia Gadayeva

Program Phone 623-810-0722

Fax 928-433-7079

​7480 E. Camino Santo,

Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Evgenia Gadayeva - Program Director  at Neuro RehabCare

Traumatic Brain Injury Counseling

At Neuro RehabCare in Scottsdale, Arizona, our therapy and counseling sessions are designed to give patients the education, resources, and support they need to manage and improve TBI symptoms. Specialists on our staff are committed to working with clients to pinpoint specific challenges and develop actionable plans for resolving them.

We offer individual counseling sessions that focus on providing patients with a secure space to explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Clients may find this useful in coming to terms with their traumatic brain injury and the adjustments they must make. Individuals might seek out group therapy if they'd like to connect with others who share their experiences and perspectives. Neuro RehabCare Scottsdale also offers family therapy sessions to teach loved ones how to provide emotional and practical assistance throughout the rehabilitation process.

TBI Support Groups in Scottsdale

Support groups are an essential part of the healing process but are a frequently disregarded part of healing from a traumatic brain injury. Support groups give an opportunity to interact with others who are going through similar feelings and emotions. Support groups offer patients undergoing long-term recovery from traumatic brain injury vital physical, emotional, and functional support through regular meetings.

Support groups are much more than just a place to find company. Joining a support group not only offers emotional comfort but also the chance to pick up new coping mechanisms for dealing with the problems and symptoms related to traumatic brain injury. Members of the group also gain from learning how others are handling comparable difficulties and from receiving guidance on how to handle any challenges that may arise while they heal. Lastly, patients form strong social relationships with other individuals going through similar experiences, which is helpful in returning to some semblance of normalcy after suffering a traumatic brain injury.

Workman's Comp Injury Rehabilitation

We're committed to helping people take back control of their life following a workman's compensation injury. In order to maximize recovery outcomes, our skilled team of specialists specializes in neurorehabilitation and uses state-of-the-art therapies and individualized treatment regimens.

At Neuro RehabCare, we're dedicated to providing complete treatment and assistance throughout the healing process because we recognize the difficulties experienced by people with work-related injuries. In our cutting-edge Scottsdale facility, we enable our patients to get over physical obstacles, restore functionality, and confidently resume their everyday activities and jobs. 

Meet Pastor Travis Hearn, A Former Patient of Neuro RehabCare of Scottsdale:


Neuro RehabCare as Featured in The Noggin:

Neuro RehabCare as Featured in The Noggin
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