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Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation and Resources at Neuro RehabCare

You’re the expert of you.  We listen to you and your support system to partner in injury rehabilitation for the goals you want to achieve.

Injuries bring about sudden and traumatic change.  We value the learning process and provide education as an important tool to embrace all the possibilities for life after injury. 

Our teams are devoted to whole person care that produces success in spinal or brain injury rehabilitation and for a life full of opportunity.


Top-Rated Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Centers

We specialize in comprehensive, community-based residential treatment for individuals with brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and catastrophic injuries. Our dynamic programming and optimized rehab treatment plans are catered to each individual and meet the changing needs of our clients as they progress toward independence.



Since I have been at Neuro RehabCare, they’ve helped me a lot! I've come so far with their support over my my daily needs, and taking me on outings with the rest of the group.Now I am moving on to bigger and better things, like getting a new apartment that is handicap accessible.


I love the support from everyone here! This is the best place because of it's resources alone. This company has more resources than in other homes I've lived in. It feels so good to be independent here, while having the support I know I need.


The treatments, accommodations and community here have been the best thing for me! From day one, they’ve provided the best treatment Team and Staff, allowing me to increase and return back my full functional abilities. The staff embraced me and made me their honorary employee! I even won Employee of the Month!


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