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  • Neurorehabilitation Neurobehavioral

  • Community Reintegration

  • Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Holistically Integrated Care


  • 96.3% do not return to acute care

  • 100% of program participants improved functionally as per Mayo Portland Adaptability Inventory scores

  • 88% community discharge


  • Physiatry

  • Neuropsychology

  • Internal Medicine

  • Physical Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Speech Language Therapy

  • Cognitive Therapy

  • Behavioral Therapy

  • 24 Hour Caregiving Supports


Who We Are

Neuro RehabCare is a state-of-the-art rehabilitation community specializing in person centered treatment plans for individuals with brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and catastrophic injuries.  We offer diverse initiatives including transdisciplinary neurorehabilitation care, neurobehavioral supports and a focus on social emotional health.  Providing integrated post-acute care in our home environment offers the unique opportunity for clients to focus on self-determination, independence and engage with their community.  Our spacious homes offer households of eleven people or less and provide individualized services that are unique to the rehabilitation industry.  By partnering top talent in the rehabilitation field with the comforts of a home environment, our clients received the highest level of customized care.  

What We Do

Our communities foster a positive and healthy environment designed to support the mind, body and soul.  Our clients are not just recipients of care, but valued and integral participants in care.  At Neuro RehabCare, people can choose from traditional and holistic services to design a program that is tailored to their needs.  By setting goals that are specific and measurable, clients have regular opportunities to celebrate success. 


We understand that injuries not only affect the person who sustained them, but also their family and friends.  Our care teams are here to support the client's community and value inclusion and communication as key elements of the healing process.  

We stand apart by offering individuality and choice as daily standards.  Neuro RehabCare clients are encouraged to be active participants in choosing schedules, activities, meals and goals that reflect what is important to them.  The home environment offers opportunity for social emotional learning and being valued as part of a team.  


When clients work with our therapy teams, they can benefit from our in-home therapy gym, as well as engage in therapy tasks in the home and community.  This makes outcomes real and tangible.  Neuro RehabCare’s holistic transdisciplinary approach promotes results in the shortest amount of time for our client’s return to the community, work, and a life with optimal independence.

Neuro RehabCare’s Client
Physical Therapy at Neuro RehabCare
Neuro Therpist with their Clients

Our Mission

At Neuro RehabCare, we believe.  We believe in each person's right to autonomy and the value of education, opportunity and hope.  We believe in providing our clients with experts in the field of brain injury, spinal cord injury and catastrophic injuries who are committed to independence and quality of life.  We believe in a passion for living!    

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to guide our clients through the process of healing in a way that honors who they were prior to injury, who they are today, and who they aspire to be in the future.  

Facilities of Neuro RehabCare

Our Vision

Raising the Standard


We deliver exceptional care by focusing on innovative services in an intimate home setting.  Our industry experts know there are many solutions to any one need, and they are ready to engage with our clients and their supports to map a personalized rehabilitative path supported by data driven models.  We believe that positivity, joy, and peace are an important part of life and incorporate those elements in all that we do.  

Our Teams

Interdisciplinary Collaboration


At Neuro RehabCare clients benefit from having robust medical teams including physiatry, neuropsychology, primary care and rehabilitative therapies.  The client and team partner to address functional goals that maximize their level of independence in the least restrictive environment.

Our Philosophy

Embrace A Passion for Living


We believe in listening and learning.  Our success is derived from valuing our client and each person that contributes to their rehabilitative path.  Our programs join excellence in care with a specifically designed home environment to provide a unique rehabilitative experience that encourages hope and a passion for living.  

Neuro RehabCare’s Trained Professionals

Our People

Our team of trained professionals is here to learn about you and be an important part of your journey. We learn, we listen, and we succeed. 

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