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Wesley's Story

Wesley's accident happened in 2015 on July 2nd. "My Dad and I owned a construction company. We knew what to do and how to do it when it came to construction of any sort. I was helping my Godfather with roofing on his farmhouse, using a scaffolding tower. I fell from this tower, hitting my forehead hard enough to fracture my skull. I had a compound fractured disc causing my current spinal cord injury."

Wesley was paralyzed until a miraculous surgery was scheduled years after his accident! Post-surgery, Wesley was gaining more mobility in his legs and arms, and with some movement increasing in his fingers. With a brain bleed in his left cerebral, Wesley's short term memory has not been as strong as it once was. Typically, this type of injury might also impact personality shifts, but Wesley still has his sharp personality!

Neuro RehabCare was not Wesley's first restorative company house. He went from house to house since his accident. "I don't mean to sound bias, I'm just being honest when I say that

"Neuro RehabCare is the best place I've lived in! I love the people; this place has made a large difference in my life - to live in a facility that offers in-home physical and occupational therapy."

I asked Wesley about his family and any relationships outside of the Neuro RehabCare community. While most family members have passed on, Wesley's sibling lives closest to him, at two hours away. Due to a distanced relationship, Wesley has found family in Neuro Rehabcare.

Wesley went on to say: "I love the support from everyone here! This is the best place because of it's resources alone. This company has more resources than in other homes I've lived in. It feels so good to be independent here, while having the support I know I need."

Wesley went on to share a few of his favorite things to do with his NRC family. He enjoys going out with the group, especially when they visit the river! He can hardly wait to go fishing again. His favorite place to eat with the group is at the local Applebees. Wesley has gained more and more permissions to be so independent, even enjoying a cold beer when out to dinner with his favorite people and staff. While interviewing Wesley, he was anxiously awaiting his personal belongings. On this day, the staff had gone to move his things into his room with him. He was so excited to feel even more settled and at home. Some of these staff members came in to help Wes, even on their day off.

Wesley has found family at Neuro Rehabcare in Waterloo, Iowa. This is a strong community and support system for Wesley, and he is endlessly grateful for them.


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