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Hammond, Lousiana

Hello! I’m ‘Papa’ to the Grands, but you can call me Dennis. I was working for the best at a Deer Farm when the unthinkable happened.

I was healthy and fine when I went to work that day in November (2020). By the middle of my shift I started to feel off. Not too much later did I suffer a stroke that affected my speech, cognition, vision and function.

I thank God for my Supervisor who had a medical background. He cared for me until I could get the appropriate medical attention. I was then treated at several hospitals and even coded at one of them. I bounced back and won that battle! I have been on the mend ever since.

I had tracheotomy and feeding tubes placed. After pulling out the 3rd tube they believed I would be ok and soon recommended I be discharged.

After much shopping, my family chose to place me in the care of Neuro RehabCare.

The treatments, accommodations and community here has been the best thing for me! From day one, they’ve provided the best treatment Team and Staff, allowing me to increase and return back my full functional abilities. The staff embraced me and made me their honorary employee! I even won Employee of the Month!

They’ve done such a wonderful job. I'm happy to announce that I've been discharged and am back home to my family! I just celebrated my ‘New Beginnings’ party at NRC and although I am happy to be going home, I’m really going to miss my NRC Family!


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