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Item List

24 Hour Direct Support

Neuro RehabCare offers an average of 2:1 staff to client ratios with 1:1 available as needed. Our caregivers are specifically trained to support clients with neurological injuries and provide around the clock care that promotes individualized rehabilitation.

Behavioral Therapy

A variety of injuries can result in changed behavior and behavior that limits a person’s ability to effectively interact with others and enjoy a fulfilling life. Behavioral therapists will work with the client and their community to understand the injury, its symptoms and therapeutic strategies to promote positive outcomes and successful relationships with others.

Care Coordination

Our transdisciplinary team model works in conjunction with all members of our client’s treatment team. We promote strong communication strategies and aid clients to develop skills that promote positive relationships with their care providers.

Cognitive Therapy

A cognitive therapist will work with clients to improve diminished cognitive function and develop compensatory strategies. Cognitive therapist support clients as they acclimate to life post injury and provide encouragement while developing new habits and systems for success.


In-home and community counseling options are available to our clients to support whole person health and provide support while navigating life post injury.

Emotional Support Animals

Animals play a crucial role in filing our homes with love and joy. They are a functional part of our client’s rehabilitation including the companionship they provide and working as a household to identify and complete their daily care needs.

Equine Therapy

Equine therapy is a wonderful therapy option to reduce anxiety, address emotional reactivity, improve impulse control, and decrease depression.

Family Education

Family, friends, and community supports are paramount to a client’s successful rehabilitation. We partner with supports on the journey to provide education, solutions, and ongoing conversations about each unique journey.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a valuable service to naturally ease pain, promote comfort and address other neurological issues.

Medication Management

Neuro RehabCare’s focus is to bring education and rapport to medication strategies. We support our clients to feel in control of what medication, supplements and vitamins they are taking and why.

Modified Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and meditation are both natural avenues to address physical and emotional distress after an injury. Promoting these healthy habits during recovery supports lifelong success.


A Neuropsychologist provides specialized care to explore what neurological injuries are limiting a person’s daily functioning. They provide insight into areas of injury, healing strategies, coping mechanisms, and identifying other factors that may affect cognition including depression, stress, anxiety, and other post trauma diagnoses.

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