Neuro RehabCare Programs
provided in-house

At Neuro RehabCare we provide an individual, holistic approach to neurologic recovery. In order to fully implement flexible, individualized programming, we employ a team of outstanding health care professionals who provide an unrivaled quality of care to our clients. Every person’s medical needs are unique, so our treatment team’s goals are fully customized to meet those needs. in addition to customization, Neuro RehabCare offers a Continuum of Care that offers flexibility in progressing clients to their maximum level of independence. Our clients move through the specially designed programs as seamlessly as possible and our ability to offer these programs and living environments that are uniquely paired to an individual’s needs is our expertise. From hospital discharge to community re-entry, NRC has programs to treat each client with optimal care at every stage of their rehabilitation.

  • Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation

  • Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation

  • Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation

  • Behavioral Programming

  • Supported Living

  • Respite Living

Care Setting
  • Community-Based Residential

  • Transitional

  • Day Treatment