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Words of Encouragement from our CEO

Maurice Arbelaez, CEO of Neuro RehabCare, has led a team with grace, endurance and passion to keep all safe and healthy. Here is what he has to say about having an essential business during this global pandemic in 2020...

At Neuro RehabCare, we are committed to stay close to our Medical directors, staff, patients and patient's families, all to communicate our evolving policies addressing new procedures. This is how we are able to ensure a safe environment, for both our patients and staff, regarding this pandemic.

In effort to keep a positive spirit, we are conducting activities such as our Mask competition involving both our staff and patients! Such activities make it fun for all, and improves moral. What are you doing in your company to maintain a good moral?

Honestly, a fear or concern during these times has been keeping our patients and staff healthy and safe.

To combat that concern, we created a new role in the company: our Covid-19 Czar, this person is responsible for developing procedures and policies, to ensure we are compliant and providing our facilities with the safest environment for both patients and staff. As the CEO during this global pandemic, I sleep better knowing this role is filled!

In conclusion, I wish to encourage other entrepreneurs in like-businesses, (1) to over communicate with your staff, patients and patient's families. Those making your business run are extremely valuable and must be heard. Assure they feel safe!

(2) Do absolutely everything you can to provide a safe environment, and (3) pray with us, for a vaccine to be available as soon as possible!


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