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A Passion for Living: Our Covid-19 Message

Coping during normal times can be difficult. Coping while quarantined and fearful of how this will all turn out…now that can be even more challenging.

Not at Neuro RehabCare! There is never a dull moment within our communities. From serious games of chess to goofing around with finger paint, starting a vegetable garden and video chatting with family and friends, we maintain our passion for living. Neuro RehabCare has found a way to cope with the CO-VID 19 quarantine.

“Most of our residents are unaware of the struggles while being quarantined” says Myke Slinker, Program Director of our Louisiana Program.

Fortunately, for us, it hasn’t affected our programming or spirit! We were worried when we had to limit visitors. Would this affect the rehabilitation progress of our residents? Thanks to our amazing staff thinking outside of the box, understanding family members and friends, the quarantine has turned into productivity and a time of bonding.

Our nurses and direct support staff are aware of the severity that CO-VID 19 would have on our clients. With everyone vigilant in practicing infection control techniques, monitoring all essential visitor and employee signs and symptoms, we continue to maintain a healthy, safe and positive atmosphere!

How are you spending your quarantine? Consider our clients and the quality time you could spend with those close to you.

We've started a vegetable garden, are prepping for our chickens, FaceTiming with family and friends, and practicing social distancing at the park! Many of our clients love to go fishing during this time too. What's become your favored hobby during this downtime?

We are still accepting new clients! We understand quality patient care must continue. We want to assure you and our partners that we will continue to opperate with full staff. We are also accepting referrals and admissions!

We hope you are staying safe and healthy during this time.

For any inquires,

please call us! Contact Information is on the following page!


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